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Inventory of James Saintsing's Estate

The Inventory of the Estate of James Sainsing dece'd returned by Margaret Sainsing his Executrix, on Oath and Ordered to be Recorded.

Two feather beds and furniture
Old ticken with some feathers in it
Chears and chear frame (chairs)
Wollen wheal and cards and one flax wheal (wheel)
Pot and Pot rack and skillet
Chest and one box
Dishes, two bassoons (basins) , 4 plates and 12 spoons & tin pan ___?
Old ax (axe) and one pair iron wedges __? Smoothin iron (smoothing) & weedin hoe &
One grubbin hoe and one plow hoe.
2 Reap hooks
One parcel shoemaker tools
Water Pales (pails) and washin tub and two trays
Sifter and sieve
White mug
Caskes (casks?) and table
4 forkes and 5 knives
7 head of cattel
14 head of hogs
1 mare and 1 horse
2 wheat sifters
1 drawin knife and augre
1 cows? Bell and 1 small bell
1 parcel of books
1 tea canister
2 powder in tubs and bedstead

Margaret M Sainsing [seal]

Bute County February Court 1769
This Inventory was returned into Court by Margaret Sainsing the Executrix on Oath, and the same is ordered to be Recorded. Test. Ben McCulloch, C.C.

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Brent H. Holcomb. North Carolina. Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779 (Columbia, SC: B. H. Holcomb, 1988), 35. [Second Tuesday Session in February 1769, p 56; Extracted from records at North Carolina State Archives]

Owner of originalNorth Carolina State Archives
DateFeb 1769
PlaceBute Co, North Carolina
File namewill_james_saintsing.pdf
File Size270.88k
Linked toMargaret Knight (Court Minutes); James Sainsing (Court Minutes)

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