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51 Edith Mae Doss White, 100, of Crossett died on Thursday, June 20, 2013, at the Ashley County Medical Center. Born in Hamburg on December 17, 1912, she worked by her husband's side at the Chase Bag Cafe, the Paper Mill Cafeteria, in their home garden and when he became a pastor. She taught Sunday School for many years and was a member of the Crossroads Missionary Baptist Church and was known for her homemade recipes and baked goods, especially hot rolls. She is survived by a daughter, Faith White Nowlin and husband John; three sons, Reginald Dean White, Donald Lane White and Dale Wade White and wife Shelia of Crossett; eleven grandchildren, Gary White and wife Patty, Wendy Griswould and husband Dan, Denise Hudson, Kim Massey and husband Gary, Kristy McKenzie and husband John, Ken White and wife Denise, Ronza Stell and husband Jerry, Sherri Breshears and husband Keith, Jay Nowlin and wife Felicia, and Phillip Nowlin; 17 great-grandchildren, ten great-great-grandchildren; and many other relatives and friends. She was preceded in death by her husband of over 50 years, Ashton R. White, in 1984; an infant daughter, Linda Kay White; her parents, Elmer and Beulah Barnett Doss; four brothers, Wilton, Alvin, James and Charles Doss; a sister, Annie Doss Moore; and two daughters-in-law, Norma Hester White and Thelma Hicks White. Funeral services were at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 23, at the Crossroads Missionary Baptist Church with Bros. Reginald White, Farrell Breshears and Garry Massey officiating. Burial was in the Crossroads Cemetery. Pallbearers were the men of Crossroads Missionary Baptist Church, Keith Breshears, Phillip Nowlin, Alan Breshears, David Goodwin, J. L. Jeffers and Roy Rodgers. Memorials may be made to the East Gate Mission, 12278 Isle Royale Drive, Peyton, CO 80831 or to the Crossroads Missionary Baptist Church Building Fund, 111 Ashley Road 391, Crossett, AR 71635. Funeral arrangements were by Jones-Hartshorn Funeral Home of Hamburg. Doss, Edith Mae (I5632)
52 Elbert County, GA Will Book L-F, p 136.
Alexander Thompson 15 Dec 1804, rec. 7 Nov 1808.
I give and bequeath unto my dearly and well beloved sons William and John Thompson all the plantation where I now reside with the grist and saw mills, sstills and cotton warehouse and whatever other improvements may be upon the plantation at my decease all to be equally divided between the said William and John Thompson. I give and bequeath unto my dearly and well beloved daughter Ruth Thompson - Stricklad the sum of five dollars to be paid in one year from my decease. I order all my negroes, stock, household furniture and farming utensils to be sold and the proceeds to be equally divided amongst my sons James, Alexander, Robert, William and John Thompson as also my daughters Sarah and Esther as also debts that is due me which may remain after payment of my just debts to be equally divided amongst James, Aleander, Robert, William, John, Sarah ad Esther Thompson. Exr: James Thompson, Alexander Thompson. Wit: James McMullen, James McCurdy, Samuel James. [Source: Fred W. McRee, Jr. Elbert County, Georgia Abstracts of Wills, 1791-1919 (Dahlonega, GA: privately published, 2011) 28.

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book A, 1791-1793
p70 GA: 13 Apr 1789, Ezekiel Cloud to George Elliott, both of Wilkes Co., for £100, in sd. co. on N. side of South Fork of Broad River waters, 200 acres, deeded from Jeremiah Cloud & Sarah, his wife, to Ezekiel Cloud, 2 Dec 1788. signed Ezekeil Cloud. Wit: Richarad Harvie, Alexr Thompson. Wilkes Co.: proved by Richard Harvie & Alexander Thompson, 21 Jan 1790, Jno Moore, J.P. Regd. 5 May 1792. [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books A-J, 1791-1806. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 19. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book K, 1806-1808
p65 21 Aug 1806, Sarah Duskin, to Reuben Richards & Hannah Duskin & Betty Richards for natural love and affection, for better maintenance & support, all the tract in Elbert Co. where I now live, 200 acres, including my house & plantation, orig. granted to Richard Aycock for 800 acres, to have possession at decease of Sarah. The intent of this deed is Hannah Duskin & Betty Richards are to have their equal part during their natural life except if either should marry & then to have part & all to fall to Reuben Richards at decease or marriage. To Reuben Richards, in fee simple. [signed] Sarah X Duskin. Wit: Jacob McKleroy, Alexander Thompson. Proved before Reuben Lindsay, J.P. by Jacob McKleroy, 6 Dec 1806. Regd. 6 Dec 1806. [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 14. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book K, 1806-1808
p65 Sarah Duskin of Elbert Co., for natural love & affection, to my beloved daughter, Hannah Duskin, during her single life, & to Reuben Richards to take care of her & property, my household furniture, cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, negro man named June, his wife Nell & the child she has at her breast named Allen. For Hannah during her single life & then to Reuben Richards forever, but not to come to full possession until Sarah's decease & then Reuben Richards to take all, 21 Aug 1806. [signed] Sarah Duskin. Wit: Jacob McKleroy, Alexander Thompson. Proved before Reuben Lindsay, J.P. by Jacob McKleroy, 6 Dec 1806. Regd. 6 Dec 1806. [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 15. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book K, 1806-1808
p250 30 Jan 1806, John Williford of Elbert Co., Ga., to Isaac Strickland of Franklin Co., Ga. & Ellizabeth Strickland of Elbert Co., exor & executrix of the estate of Jacob Strickland, late decd. of Elbert Co., for $184.90, South Fork of Broad River waters in Elbert Co., 140 acres. [signed] John x Williford. Wit: Elisha Johnson, Alexander Thompson, Elbert Co: proved by Elisha Johnson, 13 May 1807, before Charles Sorrells, J.P. Rec. 7 Mar 1808. [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 45. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book M, 1809-1810
p3 Ga: 28 Feb1805, David Robinson & Sarah, his wife, to James Ware, Senr., all of Elbert Co., for $600, 280 acres on Skull Shoal Creek waters in sd. co., adj. Moses Davis, John Thomason, sd. Ware, & land claimed by David Criswell, fee simple. [signed] David Robertson, Sarah Robertson. Wit: Alexander Thompson, Charles Sorrells, J.P. 17 Jul 1809. [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 75. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book M, 1809-1810
p39 The same jurors say Reuben Lindsay at the time of Inquisition was possessed of Book Accounts with credit annnexed. 13 Jul 1809, Reuben Lindsay, merchant, lunatic: Jesse Fortson, James Rowsey, Foster Rowsey . . . Alexander Thompson, Isaac Alexander . . . . [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 89-90. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book M, 1809-1810
p112 Sarah Duskin of Elbert Co, Ga., to Mary Prichet of Franklin Co., Ga., a negro woman slave named Doll, about 19 yrs. old for $200. At Mary's decease to belong to Joel Prichet. If Doll should have any children the first shall belong to John Prichet, the second child to belong to sd. Mary Prichet's daughter, Bettey, 25 Aug 1806. [signed] Sarah x Duskins. Test: Jacob Mckloroy, Alexander Thompson. Rec 7 Dec 1810.

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book M, 1809-1810
p112 Sarah Dusking of Elbert Co., Ga., for $200, to John Prichet of Franklin Co., Ga., a negro boy named Sampson, about 7 yrs old, 26 Dec 1809. [signed] Sarah x Duskins. Wit: Alexander Thompson, Edward Carrell. Rec. 7 Feb 1810. [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 107. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book M, 1809-1810
p170 Elbert Co., Ga: 15 Jun 1800, Sarah Duskin to Reuben Richards, both of sd co., for $300, on a branch of Skull Shoal Creek in sd. co., 300 acres, in fee simple. [signed] Sarah x Duskin. Wit: (torn) [Jacob] Mckleroy, (torn) [Alexander] Thompson. Proved by Alexander Thompso who saw Jacob Mc[kleroy] (torn) witness, 16 Mar (rest torn off). [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 123. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book M, 1809-1810
p 5 21 Jun 1802, Alexander Thompson Sr. of Elbert Co., Ga., to Henry Strickland of Franklin Co., Ga., for $350, in fee simple, 404 acres, being part of 480 acres surveyed for him 20 Feb 1786 in Wilkes, Co, granted 27 Sep 1787, adj. Adcock [signed] Alexander Thompson [Sr.]. Test: David Robison, Alexander Thompson [Jr.] Elbert Co,: proved by Alexander Thompson [Jr], 5 Jun 1810, R. Hunt, J.I.C. Rec. 5 Jun 1810. [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 126. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Alexander Thompson built and ran one of the first grist mills in Madison County, Georgia on the South fork of the Broad River. See picture 
Thompson, Alexander (I17454)
53 Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book L, 1808-1810
p 59 21 Jun 1802, Henry Strickland of Franklin Co., Ga., to Alexander Thompson, Junr. of Elbert Co., Ga., for $700, in fee simple, in Elbert Co., on South Fork of Broad River, 404 acres, adj. Adcock [signed] H. Strickland Test: David Robison, Jas Johnston. Franklin Co: proved by James Johsto, 8 Feb 1808, Joseph Long, J.P. Rec. 7 Nov 1808. [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 60. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015]

Elbert County, Ga, Deed Book M, 1809-1810
p 5 21 Jun 1802, Alexander Thompson Sr. of Elbert Co., Ga., to Henry Strickland of Franklin Co., Ga., for $350, in fee simple, 404 acres, being part of 480 acres surveyed for him 20 Feb 1786 in Wilkes, Co, granted 27 Sep 1787, adj. Adcock [signed] Alexander Thompson [Sr.]. Test: David Robison, Alexander Thompson [Jr.] Elbert Co,: proved by Alexander Thompson [Jr], 5 Jun 1810, R. Hunt, J.I.C. Rec. 5 Jun 1810. [Source: Michal Martin Farmer, abs. Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819. (Dallas: Farmer Genealogy Company, 1997) 126. Midwest Genealogical Center/27 Feb 2015] 
Thompson, Alexander Jr (I17469)
54 Elgin died of Swamp (Yellow) fever. Sansing, Elgin William (I24)
55 Ella (McCracken) Ferguson, 93, died Wednesday, May 13 (2009) at the Marion County Nursing Home in Yellville. She was born June 27, 1915, at Flippin, a daughter of Thomas ``Bunk´´ and Sandra Alene (Poynter) McCracken. She was a member of the Northside Church of Christ and before her retirement, had worked as a sales lady at Wilson´s and Wal-Mart. In her earlier days, she had worked as an LPN at Boone County Hospital. She was preceded in death by her husband, Lovell ``Ballie´´ Ferguson; two sisters; and three brothers. Survivors include her daughter, Marsha Dale Matthews and husband, Buck Matthews; grandchildren, Tennille Shofner and husband, Trey and Taylor Tinsley; and one great-granddaughter, Lakyn Shofner and another great-grandchild on the way. Funeral service will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 16, at Holt Memorial Chapel with Ron Davenport officiating. Visitation will be from 6 to 7 p.m. Friday, May 15, at the chapel. Burial will be at Maplewood Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Taylor Tinsley, Trey Shofner, Richard Holt, Ron Gilbert, Jim McCracken and Roland Gilbert. Honorary pallbearers will be Glen Buck and J.T. McCracken. [Source: Harrison Daily Times, May 14, 2009] McCracken, Ella (I6427)
56 Ella May Coonce, 87, of Lebanon, died early Saturday at the Cedar Grove Nursing Home. Funeral services were held 1:30pm Monday at Colonial Chapel with Rev. Fate Montgomery officiating. Burial was in McFall Cemetery. She is survived by two sons, Owen of Lebanon and Clyde of Popluar Bluff; two daughters, Clara L.Bass and Daisy Collum of Marietta, CA.; one sister, Myrtle Etolia Ragland of Lebanon; 14 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Ragland, Ella May (I27410)
57 Elmer Vaughn Ford was born on 8 February 1902 near San Antonio, Texas, to Joseph Perry "Joe" Ford and his wife Zaidee Bell Baker. Elmer married Jewel Hammon, 10 April 1923. They lived in Lindale, Texas, and had one daughter. Elmer died 5 March 1977, aged 75, in Lindale, and was buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Smith County, Texas. Ford, Elmer Vaughn (I22300)
58 Emigrated to Shoal Creek before Civil War. Dhildren attended subscription school with S. C. Turnbo. In 1860 Matilda is a widow in Sugar Loaf Township. She is living next door to her parents on one side and her sister, Margarat (Holt) Pumphrey Coker on the other. [Source: Vicki A. Roberts and Mysty T. McPherson, Genealogies of Marion County Families, 1811-1900, (Yellville: Historic Genealogical Soc. of Marion Co., AR, 1997), 347.] Holt, Matilda C. (I5566)
59 Emily Alice (Noe) and David Jackson traveled from Marion County, Arkansas, to central Texas by covered wagon before the turn of the 20th century through Oklahoma, leaving their daughter in Marion County because she was engaged to a man named Pace. (Source: Nancy Nixon Kelly (granddaughter of Ralph) to Rita Wallace, e-mail message, dated 26 Aug 2004) Jackson, David D. Jr. (I2050)
60 Enoch son of William Castleberry and Jane Vineyard. Enoch was a farmer and a Blacksmith and he served in the Confederate State Army in Tennessee.

State of Alabama Archives.
CSA 58th Alabama Regiment 9th Battn.
Wife filed for pension after Enoch's death
Alabama Pension #29137, Coosa County.
Pensioner Mrs. M. A. Castleberry, Widow;
Witnesses: J. O. Foster, L. C. Brown;
Remarks: O.K. 58th Alabama Regiment, 9th Bttn.
Discharge Date: 1865/05/04

Enoch Castleberry, for many years a resident of this county, died recently in Sylacauga and was brought back to this county at Salem Church. The deceased was a highly respected citizen. He lacked only a few days of being 86 years of age. He leaves a widow, five daughters, and three sons to mourn his loss.(1)

(1)The Chronicle, 29 Apr 1910, p. 4. Printed in Rockford, Coosa Co., AL. Microfilm: Located in the Alabama Archives and History, Montgomery, AL 
Castleberry, Enoch James (I2927)
61 Essie Madlyn (Merriman) King, age 80, passed away Thursday morning, September 25, 2003 at home. She was the daughter of Bill and Ollie FRIEND Merriman, born on March 7, 1923, at Peel, Arkansas. She married Orville King on November 7, 1943 and was a lifetime resident of Marion County. She was retired from the Capital Mercury Shirt Company. She is survived by two daughters, one of Anderson Flat and one of Eros; three granddaughters and three grandsons, one great-granddaughter and five great-grandsons; one sister of Lakeway; and one brother of Lakeway. She was preceded in death by her parents; her first husband, Orville King, and second husband, Ray Rorie; granddaughter, Heather Rhodes; three sisters, Amy, Dorothy and Elsie; and four brothers, Joe, Guy, Otis and Obert. Visitation was held Saturday, September 27, 2003 at Burns Funeral Home in Yellville. Services were held Sunday, September 28, 2003 at the Peel Full Gospel Church with the Reverend officiating. Burial followed in the Peel Cemetery with pallbearers and honorary pallbearers. Arrangements were under the direction of Burns Funeral Home in Yellville, Arkansas (870) 449-6621. [Source: Mountaineer Echo, October 2, 2003] Merriman, Essie Madlyn (I8555)
62 Essie Perkins, 85, of Hooks, Texas, died Tuesday, April 27, 1999, in a local hospital. Mrs Perkins was born March 16, 1914, in Hamburg, Arkansas. She was retired from St. Michael Hospital [as an LPN], member of First Baptist Church and a Volunteer at Texarkana Friendship Center and Bi-State Justice Center. She was preceeded in death by her husband Ernest B. Perkins, in 1986. Survivors include three sons, Ray Perkins, of Tyler, Texas, Clifton Perkins of Hooks and Jimmy Perkins, of Brady, Texas; thee daughters, Dorthy Hanes Whittington, of Hooks, Jane Barlow, of Mineola, Texas, and Nancy Piexzynski of Muskegon, Michigan; two brothers, Morrell Foster of Hamburg, and Harold Foster of Little Rock; two sisters, Willie Lawrence of Hamburg and Cynthia [Hollis] Swartze of Fountain Hill, Arkansas; 14 grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren. Services will be 10 a.m. Friday at Texarkana Funeral Home Chapel with the Revs. William V. Garner and Roy Ford officiating. Burial will be in East Memorial Gardens [Texarkana, AR]. Visitation will be 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. today at the funeral home. Memorial may be made to First Baptist Church, Hooks, Texas, Building Fund, 1601 E. Ave A., Hooks, Texas 75561. Foster, Essie Iola (I19)
63 Eulalie "Lee" Hons MacFarlane Nobles, 87, of El Dorado, died Thursday, March 22, 2007 at her residence. Born September 2, 1919, in Houston, TX, to John Hutton MacFarlane and Adele Knittel MacFarlane, she was a homemaker who loved opera, traveling, and entertaining. She was a member of MacFarlane Company-USA, L.L.C., a Phi Beta Kappa from Smith College, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in French, a lifetime member of First United Methodist Church where she served in the choir, and a member of El Dorado's Lady Golfers Association. Survivors include her husband of 60 years, James H. Nobles Jr.; one son, Hutton Nobles; one daughter-in-law, Candace H. Nobles; and two granddaughters, Catherine N. Medlock and husband Sam, and Elizabeth N. Long and husband Matthew, all of El Dorado. A memorial service was held Monday, March 26, at 2 p.m. at First United Methodist Church of El Dorado with Rev. Jim Polk officiating. Young's Funeral Directors of El Dorado was in charge of arrangements. Memorials may be made to First United Methodist Church, 201 S. Hill, El Dorado, AR 71730, to Life Touch Hospice, 2301 Champagnolle Rd., El Dorado, AR 71730 or to a favorite charity. [Source: Ashley County Ledger, March 28, 2007] MacFarlane, Eulalie Hons (I5697)
64 Eunice Edna Ford was born on 10 February 1894 in Gonzales, Texas, to Joseph Perry "Joe" Ford and his wife Zaidee Bell Baker. Edna married first Brantly Victor Gentry on 22 November 1911, when she was seventeen years old; they had a son. She married second a Mr Sloan; they had a daughter. Edna Ford Sloan died 19 August 1919, aged 25, in Smith County, Texas, and was buried with her parents at Bethesda Cemetery. Ford, Eunice Edna (I22298)
65 Ezra A. Hawkins, son of George Avan and Lydia Goans Hawkins, was born August 22, 1926, in Tekamah, Nebraska. He departed this life Thursday, August 11, 2011, in St. John's Hospital, in Lebanon, Missouri, at the age of eighty-four years, eleven months, and nineteen days. On April 17, 1949, he was united in marriage to Dorothy Helen Griffin, and to this union, one daughter and two sons were born. He was preceded in death by his parents; his wife, Dorothy, on May 11, 2002; a brother, George Hawkins; and three sisters, Fay Thacker, Faydra Rounds, and Flo Grisamore. Ezra is survived by a daughter, Deniece Piercy, and her husband, James, of Lebanon, Missouri; two sons, Bruce Hawkins, and his wife, Janet, and Enos Hawkins, and his wife, Denice, all of Lebanon, Missouri; seven grandchildren, Jennie, Terri Jo, Angela, Ashleigh, Deidre, Erinn and Leslie; eight great-grandchildren, Shelby, Nataleigh, Josie, Katie Jo, Jenissa, Wynston, Jaylen, and Jackson; a sister-in-law, Ruby (O'Quinn) Hawkins, of Lebanon, Missouri; a number of nieces; his special Miniature Schnauzer, "Max"; as well as a host of other relatives and friends. He was born and raised in Nebraska and then moved with his family to Lebanon, Missouri, when he was eighteen years old. He began working as a truck driver for the Southwest Motor Freight Company, and then for the Hopkins Lumber Company in Lebanon. After he and Dorothy were married, they made their home on their dairy farm, near Lebanon, and began raising their family. Ezra operated the dairy farm for a number of years, before retiring in 1991. After that, he raised stock cattle. Ezra joined the White Oak Pond Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1966 and was a longtime active member. He had served as an Elder for a number of years. He enjoyed raising draft horses and particularly enjoyed being a part of the Old Fashioned Christmas Parade in Lawrence, Kansas, for many years. His family was very important to him and he especially enjoyed his grandchildren. Ezra was a loving father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and uncle, and was a caring neighbor and friend. We celebrate his life and know that he will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by all those who knew and loved him. Hawkins, Ezra Avon (I27971)
66 Family moved from Hickeman Co., TN to Carroll Co. (now Boone Co.) in 1851. Breece, Henry (I4324)
67 Fay Zeigler, 77, of Yellville, passed away Monday, August 8, 2011. He was born to Troy and Sophia (Scholfield) Zeigler in Peel, Arkansas on December 18, 1933. He was a cattle rancher, and a lifelong resident of the area. He was an army veteran, and an avid hunter. He loved his horses, guns and his blue heeler dogs. Roping was one of his favorite hobbies. He is survived by his wife, Donnie; two daughters: Vickie Sims and husband, Terry, of Harrison, Arkansas; and Lisa Davenport and husband, Gordon, of Yellville, Arkansas; and four grandchildren: Dr. Lindsey Sims of Harrison, Arkansas; Jordan Sims of Dallas, Texas; Leah Davenport and Will Davenport of Yellville, Arkansas. He was preceded in death by his parents; his son, Tony, in 1991; his brother, Fred Zeigler; and his sister, Wanda Pursley. Visitation for Mr. Zeigler will be from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, Thursday, August 11, 2011 at Burns Funeral Home. A graveside service will be held at 10:00 am, Friday, August 12, 2011 at Peel Cemetery in Peel, Arkansas with Bert Benton as eulogist. Memorials may be made to Peel Cemetery Fund, PO Box 123, Peel, AR 72668; or Hospice of the Ozarks Hospice House in Mountain Home, Arkansas. [H. A. Burns Funeral Home, August 9, 2011; Harrison Daily Times, August 9, 2011] Zeigler, Fay (I21477)
68 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I19694)
69 Final services were held last week for Frank A. Braley, native of Gonzales county, who died on January 25, following an illness something over a year. The services were conducted from the Eastside Baptist church by the pastor, Dr. F. N. Pack, the Rev. J. Earl Bryant, pastor of the First Baptist Church, and the Rev. Claude O'Neall, pastor of the Waelder Baptist Church. Burial took place in the Odd Fellows cemetery. Mr. Braley was born near Gonzales on December 17, 1880, the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Braley. He was married on June 23, 1907, to Miss Nellie Prude, and the couple continued to make their home here. He was a member of the Eastside Baptist church and of the Odd Fellows Lodge of Gonzales. Survivors include his wife; three children, Mrs. Ann Zak, this city; Mrs. Frances Zemmin of Austin; and Herman Braley of Lockhart; two brothers, H. H. Braley and E. G. Braley; three sisters, Mrs. Ralph Powers, Mrs. Bon Sample and Mrs. Don Sample, all of Itasca.
Also surviving are five grandchildren, Marlene Wootton, Jeannette Gescheidle, Roger Zemmin, David and Deborah Braley; and three great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by three children who died in infancy. Pallbearers were members of the Odd Fellows Lodge, Bill Mercer, Charles Hendershot, Earl Gray, Carrol Wiley, Lloyd Hardcastle and O. S. DeWeese. [Source Gonzales Inquirer] 
Braley, Francis Asberry (I20534)
70 Florence (Martin) McCracken of Yellville, Arkansas died Monday, January 3, 2005 at the Marion County Nursing Home in Yellville. She was 91 years old. Mrs. McCracken was born August 14, 1913 in Marion County, Arkansas to Lee and Laura Jones Martin. She married George McCracken. Survivors include her son, Bobby Jane McCracken of Cape Coral, FL. Her parents, husband, one brother, Coy Martin, and three sisters, Opel Hawkins, Anna Jones and Lee Ellen Davenport, preceded her in death. Funeral service and burial will be private. Arrangements are under the direction of Burns Funeral Home in Yellville, Arkansas (870) 449-6621. [Source: Mountaineer Echo, January 13, 2005] Martin, Florence (I5801)
71 Four other unnamed male infants were born to Iris and S. W. Austin and all were buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. [Source: Tombstone Inscriptions and Notes of Ashley Co., AR, (Crossett, AR:Ashley County Genealogical Society, 1992), 171.] Stewart, Iris (I8740)
72 Frances (Stone) Hoover was the daughter of James Stone and Martha Patsy (Allison) Stone. Frances was born Oct 8, 1803 in South Carolina and died May 13, 1876 in Everton, Dade County, Missouri. She married Samuel Hoover in 1821 in Bedford, Tennessee and they had 12 children. Samuel and Frances are buried in Liberty Cemetery near Everton, Missouri. Stone, Frances (I27612)
73 Frank Bierbaum and Bessie Spencer were married Sunday, Rev. R. M. Holland officiating. [Source: Ashley County Eagle, September 5, 1912, as transcribed by Alice Kennedy Lee, in her book, Excerpts from the Ashley County Eagle, Arkansas, 1889-1914, 2000, p. 237]. Bierbaum, Frank Herman (I12524)
74 From Kim Austin:
I was at the Dallas library tonight and noticed a book I had overlooked previously. It was one of those family heritage books for Ashley County Arkansas: REFLECTIONS OF ASHLEY COUNTY (including HISTORY OF ASHLEY COUNTY by Y. W. Etheridge) compiled by Robert A. Carpenter, Sr. and Mary Imogene Noble Carpenter in 1987. On page 195, family story F 18, there is an Austin story. There are some mistakes (for example: Seaborn J. Austin is called "Geaburn Austin') but I thought I would pass along the info anyway. "AUSTIN FAMILY": G(S)eaburn Austin, a doctor of medicine, did his practice on horse back, specializing in obstetrics. He and his wife had four sons: Cole, Henry, Joseph Wesley, and Joseph Allen Austin. Joseph W. Austin married Susan Jane Jones and remained in Columbus, Georgia. He fought and was wounded in the Civil War in the Battle of Shiloh, and died just before or right after reaching home of his wound. In the Arkansas Gazette of April 14, 1947, Joseph W. Austin was listed as being in the Company G, 6 Arkansas Regt., promoted to captain, and killed at Shiloh. He was the third son of Geaburn Austin.

To this union was born Luella W. Austin in 1861, and Joseph Marcellus Austin born in 1862. Susan Jane being a widow with these two children later married Dr. Allen Wesley; Austin born 1840, brother of John Wesley. These Austins moved to Ashley County and are now buried in Portland Cemetery. Some of the families settled at Mt. Pleasant and are buried there.

To the later union were born 9 children: Mary Ophelia, another Sallie Edna who married a Holloway, mother of Hunter Hollaway and a daughter. Hunter lives in Lake Village. Joseph Marcellus Austin married Carrie Daniel Christian and raised their children in Ashley County near Hamburg. After these children were grown they moved to the northern part of Hamburg. To this union was born Joseph Eugene Wesley Austin in 1888, Irma Austin who married Ashford Wooten, Nona and Alva both died very young, Garland Aubrey Austin in 1899 who married Maggie Adcock on November 21, 1921 and Vera Austin who married Edgar Henderson of Brinkley, Arkansas. Vera taught school for many years in Ashley County.

All the children lived in Ashley County at some time or another. Now they have grandchildren and great-grandchildren serving the best they can in many fields of endeavor, serving in the Air Force and other services. Most have their master degrees." submitted by Mrs. G.A. Austin

Just a few notes on this family from my files that may either confuse or clarify regarding the above:

Seaborn John Austin, born abt 1812 in Jones County Georgia, son of William A. Austin and Amelia Howard, and his wife, Christianne Crew, born abt 1811 in Burke County, Georgia, daughter of Henry Crew and Margaret. They had the following known children:

1. William J. Coleman Austin, born 25 July 1834 in Muscogee County Ga, died 11 Aug 1919 in Ashley County Arkansas, marr. to Rebecca Foster and (2) on 25 Aug 1880 to E. R. Stewart.

2. Joseph Wesley Austin, born abt 1838/1839 in Muscogee County Georgia, died 15 Aug 1864 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, marr. to Susan Jane Jones on 1 Nov 1860 in Chattahoochee County, Georgia.

3. Allen W. Austin, (he was listed on at least one census record as "WiIly"----this leads me to believe his middle name was Willis---not Wesley as listed in some of the info from the Arkansas descendants or Joseph Allen as listed in the info in the book quoted above). Considering his brother was named Wesley, this makes more sense---at least to me!), born 24 April 1840 in Pike County, Alabama, died 27 November 1917 in Ashley County Arkansas, buried in Portland Cemetery in Ashley County Arkansas, marr. to Mrs. Susan Jane (Jones) Austin (widow of his brother, Joseph W.) on 21 Dec 1865 in Chattahoochee County, Georgia.

4. Henry Marcellus Austin, born 12 Aug 1845 in Pike County, Alabama, died 24 March 1895 in Ashley County Arkansas, buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Ashley County, Arkansas., marr. to Martha E. Belle MOOREFIELD on 3 Dec 1868 in Chattahoochee County, Georgia and (2) to Mary Elizabeth SCOTT.

5. Levonia or Leonia F. AUSTIN, born abt 1847 in Muscogee County Georgia (I think she was born in Alabama)

Also see HISTORY OF CHATTAHOOCHEE County Georgia, by N.K. Rogers, page 292; ABSTRACTS OF WILLS OF CHATTAHOOCHEE County Georgia, page 285; INDEX TO ARKANSAS CONFEDERATE PENSION APPLICATIONS, compiled by Desmond Walls Allen, p. 33; MARRIAGE INDEX: ARKANSAS 1779-1992, SEC. II, CH. 1, ASHLEY County Arkansas (on Broderbund Software Family TreeMaker CD); CHATTAHOOCHEE County Georgia MARRIAGE RECORDS 1854-1888 compiled by Frances T. Ingmire; TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS AND NOTES OF ASHLEY COUNTY ARKANSAS compiled by the Ashley County Arkansas Historical Society; ARKANSAS DEATH RECORD INDEX FOR 1914-1923 (and also the info that Carolyn sent us over the internet that she obtained from the descendant---Henry and Peggy Austinin Arkansas

The family moved to Pike County, Alabama sometime between 1834 and 1840. Troy Masonic Lodge 56, Pike County, Alabama records 1851-52 list Seaborn J. Austin as a member of this lodge. 
Austin, Seaborn John (I8733)
75 Funeral services for long time Ozark County resident Flora Della [Evans] Long, 88, of Isabella will be held tomorrow (July 30) at 2 p.m. in the Peel Communtiy Church, Peel, Ark., Rev. Oreal Sanders officiating. There will be a flower reading at 7 p.m. followed by visiation until 9 p.m. this evening at Clinkingbeard Funeral Home in Gainesville. Mrs. Long died Monday afternoon (June 27, 1987) at St. John's Regional Health Center in Springfield after a long illness. She was born October 3, 1898 at Peel, Ark., the daughter of Willis Evans and Mary Letha Pace. She married Joe S. Long at Dugginsville in February 1922. He preceded her in death. She is survived by three sons, J. B. Long of Ava, Allen Long of Theodosia, and Albert Long of Isabella; three daughters, Mrs. Odell Weston of Wilburton, Okla., Mrs. Raye Woodward of Dora, and Mrs. Faye Crozier of Butler, MO.; two sisters, Mrs. Nora Evans of Harrison, Ark. and Mrs. Dora Nave of Springfield; 18 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. She will be interred in the Peel Cemetery at Peel, Ark. under the direction of Clinkingbeard Funeral Home of Gainesville. Evans, Flora Della (I754)
76 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I16049)
77 Funeral services for Mrs. Dorothy Dillon Whitten, 81, of Monroe will be held at 10:00 AM Saturday, March 21, 2009, at Parkview Baptist Church, Monroe, LA with Rev. Terry Barnes officiating. Interment will follow at Serenity Gardens, West Monroe, LA under the direction of Mulhearn Funeral Home, Sterlington Road, Monroe. Dorothy, a long time member of Parkview Baptist Church, was born on July 4, 1927 in Wilmot, AR and died March 19, 2009. She was preceded in death by her parents, William Hawkins Dillon and Mary Elizabeth (Mae) McKoin Dillon; by her brothers, William Hawkins Dillon, Jr. and Thomas Polk Dillon; and her beloved husband, Rodolph Conrad Whitten. Dorothy was reared in the farming community of Wilmot, AR. She was part of a loving family which exemplified the finest traits of the "Greatest Generation." From her parents, Hawkins and Mae, she learned of the love of Jesus Christ. She passed the love of her Savior on to her children and grandchildren. Dorothy received her undergraduate degree from LSU and a master's degree in Home Economics from Northeast Louisiana University (now ULM). Early in her career, she worked as a Home Economist of LSU's Extension Service. Later, she was a teacher with the Morehouse Parish School System. Her most significant work was as a homemaker for her family. Kind and gentle in nature describes our beloved Dorothy. She was a devoted daughter, sister, wife, and mother. Her favorite role was as grandmomma. Survivors include her daughters and sons-in-law: Mary Grace and Bob Bozeman of Monroe and Connie and Benny Chelette of West Monroe; son, William Conrad Whitten of Dallas, TX; three granddaughters: Heather Bozeman, Molly Bozeman, and Morgan Chelette; brother and sister-in-law: Jimmy Dean and Norma Dillon of Baton Rouge, LA; and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins. Visitation will be Friday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Mulhearn Funeral Home, Sterlington Road, Monroe. The family would like to express their sincere appreciation to Dr. Greg Green, Dr. Matt George, and Southern Care Hospice (Ellie Ferguson, R.N., Angela Short, R.N., and Marilyn Withers, L.P.N.) for their extraordinary care and compassion. During her last illness, Dorothy was also tenderly cared for by Carrie Edwards, Mary January, and Vanessa Moore. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorials be made to Parkview Baptist Church, 1001 Forsythe Avenue, Monroe, LA 71201, The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, 5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250, Dallas, TX 56244, The Alzheimer's Association of Northeast LA, 513 Walnut Street, Monroe, LA 71201, or the charity of your choice. Dillon, Dorothy L. (I6078)
78 Funeral services for Ozark County native Geneva B. Heard, 84, of Gainesville were held Saturday, Jan. 9 at the Clinkingbeard Chapel in Gainesville, Rev. Jim Kyle officiating. Mrs. Hed died last Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 6, 1988 at Maranatha Village, Springfield following a long illness. She was born at Pontiac Nov. 29, 1903, the daughter of Robert Shaw and Emily Jane Gonce Shaw. On July 3, 1921 at Locust she wed Delmer Pate Herd, who preceded her in death. She was a housewife and a member of the Baptist faith. Mrs. Herd is survived by three sons, Alva Herd of Springfield, Ray Herd of Monett, and Paul Herd of Gainesville, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Interment was in the Isabella Cemetery under the direction of Clinkingbeard Funeral Home of Gainesville. [Ozark County Times, ?] Shaw, Geneva Beatrice (I23254)
79 Funeral services were held Monday in the Peel, Ark., Community Church for Joe S. Long, 83, Isabella, with the Rev. C. I. Holmes officiating. Mr. Long, a lifelong Isabella resident, died Saturday in Baxter General Hospital, Mountain Home, Ark., after a long illness. He was a retired farmer and a member of the Yellville Masonic Lodge #117. He was born at Dugginsville on Sept. 10, 1892, the son of Eber Lewis and Sarah Bias Long. He was married at Dugginsville in February, 1922, to Flora Evans, who survives. Other survivors include three sons, J. B., Ava; allen, Theodosia, and Albert, Isabella; three daughters, Mrs. Odell WEston, Wilburton, Okla., Mrs. Raye Woodward, Dora, and Mrs. Fay Crozier, Butler; a brother, Port, Dugginsville; 18 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Burial was in Peel Cemetery. The pallbearers were Dennis Weston, Danny Weston, Herb Weston, Eddie Woodward, Cary Woodward and Joey Crozier. Long, Joe Siah (I6368)
80 Garden of Gethsemane Caffey, Blanche Eloise (I27962)
81 Genevieve was a musician. She could play every instrument she would pick up including the violin, piano, and trumpet. She lived in Alaska, Missouri, New York, California, and in hospitals in Portland Oregon. Hoover, Genevieve (I27650)
82 Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery, 1838
#169, Dist. 25th, 3 Sec. Cherokee:
Name - John Sansing, Sr.
Res. - Smiths
County - Henry
Comment: granted previous to the first day of January, 1838. 
Sansing, John Tillman (I4974)
83 Gladys Evelyn Hackler, 82, of Mena, Ark., died Wednesday, September 29, 2010, at her home. Services for Mrs. Hackler were October 2, 2010, at Bear Creek Baptist Church with Bros. Greg Chamblee, Chet Ferguson, and Mark Mayo officiating. Burial followed in Bear Creek Cemetery. Survivors include her husband, Edward Hackler of McCool, Miss.; son, Danny Hackler of McCool; daughter, Theresa Kelley of McCool; three grandchildren, Evelyn Pender, Liz Odom, and Emily Kelley; eight great-grandchildren; and a host of nieces and nephews. Pallbearers included Charles Pender, Ronnie Johnson, Tommy Pender, Erik Cagle Nathan Duggar, and Tony Spears. Wilcox Funeral Home in Carthage, Miss., was in charge of the arrangements. [Source: The Choctaw Plaindealer ] McKay, Gladys E. (I24863)
84 Graveside services for Donald Lee McCracken, 74, of West Plains were held May 4, 2014, at Howell Memorial Park Cemetery in West Plains. Mr. McCracken died May 1 at his home. He was born Feb. 16, 1940, in Flippin, Arkansas, the son of Guy McCracken and Elma Crownover McCracken. He graduated from Flippin High School in 1958, and on April 27, 1960, he married Gussie Stoner. The couple had recently celebrated 54 years of marriage. Mr. McCracken was a lifelong farmer and owned a successful fishing service in Arkansas. He enjoyed spending time with family and friends. He is survived by his wife, Gussie McCracken, of the family home; two children, Donna Redburn and husband Curtis of Caulfield and Monty McCracken and special friend Hedi and her children, Summer and Jaden; five grandchildren, Amanda Osborn and husband Jason of Pomona, and Ashley Young and husband Shane, Angela Redburn and special friend Tommy, Carter McCracken and Jerad Stokes, all of West Plains; two step-grandchildren, Austin and Morgan Smith; three great-grandchildren, Tyler Osborn, Lindsey Osborn and Gracie Young; one sister, Judy Stewart and husband Charles of West Plains; one brother-in-law, Burness Stoner of Flippin; one sister-in-law, Mary Treat of Flippin; several nieces and nephews, including Charlene McKee and husband Craig of West Plains, and a host of special friends and neighbors, who knew him as “Uncle Donnie.” He was preceded in death by his parents and his father-in-law and mother-in-law. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society or Riverways Hospice, and may be left at the funeral home. [Source: Ozark County Times online, Posted: Thursday, May 8, 2014 2:36 pm] McCracken, Don (I23576)
85 Graveside services for Ida Herd Hart, 97, of Gainesville, were held Saturday, Sept. 2 at Lutie Cemetery with Jim Kyle officiating. Mrs. Hart died at 5 p.m., Sept 1, 1995 at the Gainesville Health Care Center. She was forn Nov. 25, 1897, at Lutie, the daughter of William T. and Mary (Jones) Herd. She was married in 1920 to Sterling P. Hart. She had been a teacher at the public school in Lutie. Mrs. Hart is survived bya daughter, Helen and husband Joe Bill Blisard of Gainesville, a grandson, Rex and wife Janice Blisard, of Gainesville; two great grandchildre, Sam Blisard and Shasta Blisard; two sisters, Nettie Mahan of California, and Flossie Blackshear of Texas; and a brother, Ernest Herd of California. She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Sterling; and eight brothers and sisters. Clingingbeard Funeral Home, Gainesville, directors. [Source: Ozark County Times, ?] Herd, Ida (I24178)
86 Graveside services for Kendell Hugh Wallace, 28, Wichita, Kansas, were held July 23 in Patrick Cemetery near Gainesville with the Rev. Walter Wray officiating. Burial was under the direction of Clinkingbeard. Mr. Wallace died July 9 in Breckenridge, Colorado. Cause of death is listed as accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, according to a funeral home spokesman. A welder for Beech and Cessna Aircraft, Wichita, he was a member of General Baptist Church. Survivors include his mother and stepfather, Virginia and Harold Richardson, Everton and his father and stepmother, Hughie and Euwana Wallace, Ozark; a brother, Roger, Wichita; and his grandmother, Ada Adams, Gainesville. [Source: OH, July 23, 1985] Wallace, Kendall Hugh (I22948)
87 GRAYSON (Special) - Funeral services for Joseph G. Whitten, 74, of Grayson, were at 2 p.m. today in the chapel of Riser and Son Funeral Home of Columbia with the Rev. Joseph May officiating. Burial was in Adams Cemetery near Kelly. Mr. Whitten died Sunday morning in Haven Nursing Home in Columbia after a short illness. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Gracie Dunn Whitten, Grayson; three sons, Rudolph C. Whitten of Bastrop, Trowley J. Whitten and Gordon D. [sic E.] Whitten, both of Grayson; two daughters, Mrs. Clellon Blue of Vicksburg, Miss., and Mrs. Virgie Jones of Clarks; a sister, Mrs. Lessie Gough, Dumas, Tex.; 12 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Pallbearers were Godfrey Whitten, Guy Whitten, Harold Blue Jr., Harry Whittington, Quitman Zeagler and Roy Zeagler. [Source: The Monroe News-Star (LA), January 22, 1968] Whitten, Joseph Godfrey (I19844)
88 Hampton Allen Etheridge, Jr., of Crossett, AR, passed away on December 31, 2007. He was born on August 19, 1920 in Ashley County to his late parents, Hampton A., Sr. and Minnie Moore Etheridge. Mr. Etheridge served in the U. S. Army Air Corps as a pilot during World War II. He was an active member of First Baptist Church of Crossett having served as a Deacon and Sunday School Superintendent. Mr. Etheridge was a long-time General Motors automobile dealer in Crossett until retiring in 1985. He enjoyed quail hunting and playing golf and bridge. Over the years, he was a Boy Scout Leader, Chamber of Commerce President, School Board President, State Representative, Hospital Board member, and First State Bank board member. Mr. Etheridge was preceded in death by his wife, Marie Shaver Etheridge and a son, Capt. Allen Etheridge. Survivors include: one daughter, Susan Dugger of Temple, TX; one son, Sam Etheridge of Sanford, FL; a son-in-law; a daughter-in-law; five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; one brother, Dr. Raymond Etheridge of Granger, TX; three sisters, Mary Sawyer of Little Rock, AR, Helen Toole of Warren, AR and Joy Howell of Marshall, TX. Graveside funeral service will be held at 11:30 a.m., Friday, January 4, 2008 at Pinewood Memorial Park with Bro. Jimmie Lewis officiating under the direction of Jones Funeral Home of Crossett, AR. Visitation will be held Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at the funeral home. Memorials may be made to; "Build your House on the Rock", P.O. Box 12764, Lake Charles, LA 70612, or First Baptist Church, 701 Main St., Crossett, AR 71635. Etheridge, Hampton Allen Jr (I21059)
89 Hannah Jones Barker was the daughter of John Jefferson Jones and Frances Hopgood Jones. She was born August 3, 1856 and died Feb. 9, 1940. She married William Jerimiah Barker on Jan. 18, 1881 in Cherokee County, GA USA. He was born May 13, 1860 and died May 2, 1908. She had 6 children per a family sheet of Joneses -Alonzo, Charlie, Wiley, Julia, Balaam, and Jefferson. Jones, Hannah (I18239)
90 Hans Huber, my 6th great grandfather and his wife Margaret arrived in America on the ship "Mary Hope" which left London June 29, 1710 and arrived in Philadelphia that September.

The memorial stone reads:
"Hans Huber, an early settler in Earl Township west of New Holland where he and his wife Margaret, Swiss Mennonites, took up 200 acres of land in A.D. 1717. Also in memory of his grandsons, John Huber 1723-1791, his wife Margaret,and Martin Huber 1725-1785 , his wife Magdalene. This marker was erected in 1928."

The name Huber was later changed by descendants to Hoover. 
Huber, Hans (I27591)
91 Hans was age 21 in April, 1683 in Kingsessing, while residing with brothers Mounce and Charles Justis. Moved to Brandywine hundred in New Castle County.

Birth name: Hans Gustafsson 
Gustafsson, Hans (I1201)
92 Harry Buford Hill, 76, of Eudora died Monday, January 24, 2000, at the Baptist Medical Center. Born in Dry Bayou on December 23, 1923, to the late Henry and Anna Bell Hill, he was an U. S. Navy veteran of the Pacific Campaign during World War II, a retired farmer and member of the New Hope Baptist Church where he was a men's Sunday School class teacher for 30 years. He was also a member of the Scottish Rites of Freemasonry, F&AM #13 of Portland, the Association of Quorum Courts, and Delta Chapter 571 of the Order of Eastern Star. He was preceded in death by three brothers, Turner Butler Hill, Albert Gilbert "Dub" Hill and Leroy Hill; and three sisters, Viola Ferrell, Harvie Williamson and Essie Mays. Survivors are his wife, Mary Louise Hill; two sons, Johnny Allen of Bridge City, TX, and Dennis Allen of Peterborough, NH; a sister, Gladys Blackwell of Hamburg; six grandchildren, Melissa Taylor of Port Arthur, TX, Brandy Phillips of Bridge City, Tina Allen of Houston, TX, Johnny Allen, Jr, of Bridge City, Shawn Allen of Atlanta, GA, and Shera Allen Brown of Mitford, NH; and three great-grandchildren. Funeral services were at 2 p.m. Wednesday, January 26, in the New Hope Baptist Church with Rev. Sanders Brooks officiating. Pallbearers were Lonnie Knight, Woody West, Tom Brady, Tommy Poole, Kenny Clark and Gilmer Whittington. Burial followed services at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Eudora, directed by Steele Funeral Home of Lake Village. Hill, Harry Buford (I25261)
93 He was killed by Indians led by Chief Cornstalk on 17 Jul 1763. Also killed was Frederick See. Captured were Valentine's daughters Elizabeth and Sally. Archibald Clendenning was killed elsewhere, the only person surviving the attack at Clendenning's was Conrad Yoakum. January, 1765, list of captives released to Col. Henry Bouquet by the Shawnees included George and Margaret Yokeham taken Augusta County; Elisabeth Yoakim, 12, and Sally Yokim, about 5, captured on 17 Jul 1763. Yoakum, Valentine (I3857)
94 Helberg, Block C, Lot 241, Space 1 Vineyard, Mary (I33738)
95 Henry Samuel Hoover was the son of Samuel Hoover and Frances (Stone) Hoover. Henry married Thresha America (Reagan) on 24 Aug 1855 in Greenfield, Dade County, Missouri and they had ten children. Henry Samuel Hoover and Thresha are buried in Liberty Cemetery, Dade County, Missouri. Her name is on the opposite side of his headstone. It was difficult to find and to read. Hoover, Henry Samuel (I27619)
96 Her first and maiden name are unknown, at this time, but she was the mother of Jacob Huber's first family, Anna (Huber) Gingrich (born about 1720, died about 1802), Barbara (Huber) Stetzler (deceased before 1759), John Huber (born about 1723, died April, 1791), Martin Huber, born about 1725, died APR-21-1785, Christian Huber who died unmarried, prior to 1823, Maria Huber (who married Jacob Eberly), and Margaret Huber (who married John Winter). Unknown (I27593)
97 Herbert E. Weaver, 80, of Pryor, Oklahoma, passed away on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 in Pryor. He was born on July 9, 1932 in Hulbert, Oklahoma, the son of Frank and Frankie (Arnold) Weaver. He married Donna Scott who preceded him in death on June 15, 2011. A Full obituary will be online tomorrow. Graveside Services will be held on Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 10 a.m. in the New Home Cemetery at Peggs, Oklahoma. Arrangements are under the direction of Shipman's Funeral & Cremation Service. Weaver, Herbert E. (I26484)
98 Herbert R. Pridgen, 66, of Houston, Formerly of Independence died Friday at a Houston hospital. He was born in Calhoun, Mo., and had lived in Independence 20 years before moving to Texas in 1960. Mr. Pridgen was a retired truck driver for the Stel Haulers Company. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Mildred I. Pridgen of the home, two sons, George R. Pridgen, Houston, and Jerry A. Pridgen, League City, Tx.; two daughters, Mrs. Joan Bollinger, 1402 S. Home, Independence, and Mrs. Carol Sue Johnson, Houston; three sisters Mrs. Zetta Chapman and Mrs. Grace Burch, both of Clinton, Mo., and Mrs. Lola Chapman, Calhoun; 18 grandchildren and five great-grand children. Services will be at 1 P.M. Tuesday at the Floral Hills Chapel; burial in Floral Hills Cemetery. Friends may call from 7 to 9 P.M. tonight at the chapel. [Source: Kansas City Star] Pridgen, Herbert Ray (I22855)
99 Hillard's Legion, 2 Battalion al. Co. A
Burial information from Oakland Cemetery Book of Confederate Burials, February 1862 - July 5, 1864

Daniel Lewis was the son of Abel and Elizabeth Lewis, husband of Martha Elizabeth Castleberry daughter of William Castleberry and Jincy Jane Vineyard. Daniel joined from the county he lived in Coosa and many of the brothers of his wife served with him. 
Lewis, Daniel (I4231)
100 His World War I Draft Registration Card shows the following information:
Name: Marion Leslie Carnes
Permanent home address: Portland, Arkansas
Date of birth: 17 October 1874
Present occupation: Farmer
Employer's name: T. R. Pugh
Place of employment or business: Portland, Arkansas
Nearest relative: Naomi Carnes
Address: Portland, Arkansas
Height: Tall
Build: Medium
Color of eyes: Blue
Color of hair: Brown
Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas -- (illegible) 1918 
Carnes, Marion Leslie (I21563)

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