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Dean Wallace. "Sallee", White River Valley Historical Quarterly Vol 5, No 7, Spring 1975.
Owner of original: White River Valley Historical Society
Date: 1975
Settlement of Last Will & Testament of William Shepherd Foster, Sr.
Settlement of Last Will & Testament of William Shepherd Foster, Sr.
Estate Settlement of William Shephard Foster by John & Brazell Foster, two of his sons. Includes Letters of Administration, Inventory, Division of Negroes, Sales of Property, and Division of Real Property. Heirs: Kimmie Foster, William S. Foster Jr., John Foster, Brazel Foster, Martha Kinsey, Philemon Foster, Heirs of Frederick Foster, and Elizabeth
Owner of original: Craven County, NC County Court
Date: Mar-Jun 1793
Place: Craven County, North Carolina
35.0877672, -77.05644640000003
Sketch of Stephen Tompkins
Sketch of Stephen Tompkins
Newspaper article written by Mrs. Maggie Hill and read before the Edgefield, South Carolina, Daughters of America.
Owner of original: Edgiefield Advertiser
Date: unknown
State of Arkansas vs. Homer Wallace, Grant Wallace, & Don Copelin. Murder of George Long
State of Arkansas vs. Homer Wallace, Grant Wallace, & Don Copelin. Murder of George Long
The fee book contains the Case number, Term and Date, Style of case, Names of Witnesses, Clerk's Costs, Amounts, Sheriff's and other officers' Costs, and total amounts. NOTE: Stated in writing, "Moved" and "F B County 1/27/32". When I went to the Marion County Court house to read the case files, I was told that the files for case nos. 1047, 1048, & 1049 were not in the file box. The only record of the case in Marion County was from the fee book. Will have to check the Ozark County Court files since a 19 Nov 1931 newspaper article reported that the judges of the county court were "to attend to some business in connection with the Homer Wallace asylum matter, but...nothing was done."
Owner of original: Marion County Clerk's office
Date: 4 Apr 1931
Place: Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas
36.2261815, -92.68488760000002
Tales of Yore  - Death of William Trimble
Tales of Yore - Death of William Trimble
About the year 1811, the Trimble brothers, Lewis Partee, Tom and John Ramsey, and Andy and Thomas Hawthorn made their way from South Carolina to the White River valley. The most daring of this crew was said to be Bill Trimble. It seems that a man by the name of Grant followed him from Kentucky. Keeping himself disguised, he soon got very intimate with Bill Trimble. They made arrangements to go down the river on a hunt in a canoe. The first day out they stopped at Hawthorn’s for dinner (about three miles below the present town of Calico Rock). Trimble was drinking and Grant pretended to be. While there Hawthorn’s mother, a very old woman, cautioned him to be careful, as she was uneasy for his welfare from a dream she had the night before. There was a rock standing in a field as large as an ordinary horse, and she said that she dreamed that she saw an owl sitting on the rock and that if flew down and she went to it, and it was Bill Trimble.

They left Hawthorn’s place late in the evening and went to where two Carter women lived. After dark Grant professed to be pretty drunk, picked up his gun and stepped out of the house, and declared he was going on that night. But Trimble followed him out of the house and prevailed upon him to go back, which he did, but left his gun out of doors. He soon made another attempt to go, and took Trimble’s gun with him. Trimble, followed him to the door, trying to get him back, when Grant shot him dead with his own gun.

The women were greatly alarmed, but he went back into the house to quiet them. He told them that he would not harm for the world, and that his name was Grant. He had not told his real name before. He also told them that Trimble had abused his wife in Kentucky.
Each of the men had their rifles named, Grant calling his “Jack of Diamonds,” and Trimble had named his “Sweet Lips.” Grant told the women that “Sweet Lips” had spoken a big word and that “Jack of Diamonds” would speak another soon. He turned Trimble over to see that he was dead and bade the women goodnight. “Sweet Lips” remained a relic in Izard County for many years.

Grand was not heard of again until he got to Wat Trimble’s at the head of Trimble’s Island, in lower White River, where he landed, went up to the house and found him almost dead with disease and unable to walk. Grant told Wat his name and that he had killed his brother Bill, and that he had stopped to kill him also, but that his Maker was killing him fast enough and that he would let him alone. He got into his canoe and was never heard of on White River again. From some cause—superstition, perhaps—they carried Bill Trimble back and buried him where his mother saw the owl alight on the ground.
Owner of original: A. C. Jeffery
Date: 1877
Place: Izard Co, Arkansas
36.1610924, -91.9099238
The Charles Keysser Killing
The Charles Keysser Killing
One of the major happenings in the Tory-Highlandville-Ponce de Leon area of Christian County was the killing of Charles Keysser on June 27, 1884 by Abraham Gonce.
Owner of original: Wayne Glenn
Date: 2009
Place: Ponce de Leon, Missouri
36.8758908, -93.35157579999998
The King and Everette War at Yellville, Arkansas.
The King and Everette War at Yellville, Arkansas.
S. C. Turnbo Manuscripts, Vol. 26, URL: http://thelibrary.springfield.missouri.org/lochist/turnbo/V26/ST759.ht ml
Owner of original: Springfield-Greene County Library
Date: 2010
Place: Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas
36.2261815, -92.68488760000002
The Last Hours of Mike Yocham
The Last Hours of Mike Yocham
This is a scan of the original documents written by Silas Claiborne Turnbo. He writes that Mike came over with a couple of brothers but I do not think this is correct. The Yocham family is listed in the 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Delaware [River]. This Turnbo sketch also talks about Mike's capture and 4 years of living with Indians before he and a former black slave, Ben, escape. It was also mentioned that he ran for US Congress or Arkansas State Legislature and won but he actually lost. He is not listed on any state or national records.
Owner of original: The Library Center, Springfield, MO
Folktale by Silas Claiborne Turnbo.
Owner of original: Springfield-Greene County, Springfield, Missouri
Date: unknown
Transfer of land from Brazell Smith to William Shepard Foster, 150 acres
Transfer of land from Brazell Smith to William Shepard Foster, 150 acres
Brazell Smith to William Shpd. Foster [Sr], both of Craven County, sale of 150 acres [for 20 pounds proclamation money] on the south side of Neuse River & in the fork of Brices Creek; granted May 7, 1742, by Gov. Gab. Johnston to John Ives who sold it to Brazell Smith. Witnessed by William [Shpd Jr] Foster & John Foster, recorded in Court Session, Dec 1774.
Owner of original: North Carolina, Craven Co. Clerk's Office
Date: 5 Oct 1767
Place: Craven Co, North Carolina
35.0877672, -77.0564464
Will of David Mitchell, Granville Co, North Carolina
Will of David Mitchell, Granville Co, North Carolina
Will was signed dated 4 Dec 1789. Proved in Graville County May 1790 Court. Wife Hannah Mitchell was named Executrix and sons, Elijah and Charles Mitchell as Executors. Heirs named were as beloved wife (1) Hannah Mitchell, "all my stock of horses, cattle, hogs & sheep. My riding chair, waggon & gear, my ox cart, all my crop[s] of corn, wheat, oats, foder etc. All my household & kitchen furniture, my large copper kettle and all my plantation tools...the use of land and plantation whereon I now live during her natural life...use and labor of my negroes...during her natural life...after the death of my beloved wife the County Court of Granville to appoint three or more good men to value & appraise...and equally divide among my surviving children & so that there may be an equal distribution among the heirs. (2) Son, Elijah Mitchell five shillings sterling money. (3) Son, Charles Mitchell, all that tract of land that he live on acquired from Demsey Moore who should make a deed to Charles. (4) Daughter, Martha Walker, five shillings sterling money. (5) Daughter, Susannah Moore, five shillings sterling money. (6) Daughter, Elizabeth Landers, five shillings sterling money. (7) Daughter, Hannah Landers, given several named Negro slaves. (8) Daughter, Milley Mitchell given several named Negro slaves. (9) Son, David Mitchell 640 acres of land in Caswell County purchased from John Wilson and 137 acres of land in Caswell County purchased from Francis Browning, also named Negro slaves. (10) Son, Thomas Mitchell to receive half the tract of land that I now live when my wife Hannah dies & names Negro slaves. (11) Son, John Mitchell to receive half the tract of land that I now live when my wife Hannah dies & names Negro slaves...Witnesses: Thomas Satterwhite, E. Mitchell, John Jones.
Owner of original: Granville Co, NC County Records
Date: 4 Dec 1789
Place: Granville Co, North Carolina
36.2799451, -78.6114999
Will of Malichi Penny, dated 20 Jul 1838.
Will of Malichi Penny, dated 20 Jul 1838.
Executors: John W. Penny and James G. Thompson
Witnesses: L. L. Lampkin, William V. W. McClendon, Jesse Hayes. They appeared before the Harris County, Georgia, court and swore by oath that they saw Malichi Penny sign his will "by making his mark for the purpose therein contained" in this will.
Owner of original: Harris County, Georgia
Date: 1838
Will of William Shepherd Foster Jr.
Will of William Shepherd Foster Jr.
Will of William Foster. "In the name of God amen. I William Foster, of the County of Green & State of Georgia, being in good health and of a sound mind, a memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory Life do make and ordain this my last Will and testament, in manner and form following.

It is my will and desire that all my debts should be paid out of my Estate.
--Item. I give my Daughter Salley Smith, one negro girl named Esther.
--Item. The Land whereon my son Truett Foster now lives upon I have given him as his part.
--Item. The Land that I gave my son James Foster that he sold to his uncle Philemon Foster to be his part.
--Item. The Land that I gave my son Spencer Foster that he sold to Reuben Foreman to be his part.
--Item. I lend my daughter Elizabeth, one negro girl named Rose, during her natural Life, and after her death I give the said girl to her children.
--Item. I give my Daughter Polly Smith one negro boy named Philip.
--Item. I lend my Daughter Phebe Catuehead one negro girl named Nancy, and after her death I give the said girl to the children of her body.
--Item. I give my daughter Rutha Foster one negroe woman named Patience also one bed & furniture.
--Item. I give unto my daughter Patsey Foster one negroe girl named Rachel also one bed and Furniture.
--Item I give my daughter Rebeckah Foster one negroe boy named Fendahl & one negro girl named Linda, also one bed & Furniture.
--Item. I give my son Shadrack Foster one negro boy named Sam, and whatsoever I am possessed of at my death. except what I have already given.

I do hereby acknowledge this to be my last will & testament, utterly disannulling all other wills made by me heretofore made by me. I do appoint William Johnson & John Slaughter Executors to this my last Will & Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of December in the year of our Lord 1808.

John Slaughter Signed: William Foster (Seal)

The above is a true record of said last will & testament made per order of Court, 10th February 1812 certified. attest D. P. [can't read signature]
Owner of original: Clerk's office, Claiborne Co, Mississippi
Date: 10 Feb 1812
Place: Claiborne Co, Mississippi
31.9438205, -90.94384680000002

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