Arkansas Connections
genealogy of Wallace - Foster family


The Foster Family moved to Arkansas before the Civil War and settled in Ashley County, a county bordering the State of Louisiana. The Wallace family was on the opposite end of the state settling in Marion County, Arkansas which bordered the Missouri state line.

The Wallace - Foster family connection began in Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas when Ray Leon Wallace, son of William Harvey & Flossie Mae (Yocham) Wallace, married Rita Elaine Foster, the daughter of Harold Edward & Leona Elizabeth (Sansing) Foster on June 4, 1965 at the Yellville Methodist Church. While attending Yellville-Summit High School, Rita and Leon met in English Class.

This branch of the Wallace family moved from Ozark County, Missouri, when William Harvey Wallace married Flossie Mae Yocham February 25, 1823 in Peel, Arkansas. Members of Flossie's family, the Cokers, settled Marion County as early as 1815, moving there before the end of the War of 1812.

The Harold E. Foster family moved to Yellville in January 1952 when Harold became the District Supervisor of the Farmers Home Administration, Department of Agriculture for the counties of Marion and Baxter. Along with him came his wife, Leona Elizabeth; his three children, H. Edward, Jr., Rita Elaine and Frederick Lewis. Another daughter, Cynthia Lee, was born in Yellville.

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